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This book, published by the Northwich and District Heritage Society, is no longer in print.

 The Northwich Flood in 1946 - prize winning memories of winning memories local people. 8 pages, 9 illustrations.

The flood waters which hit Northwich on the 8th of February 1946 were caused by a freak combination of weather conditions. The effect was devastating particularly because the centre of the town was much more densely populated then. This booklet contains shocking photos and evocative accounts by two eyewitnesses bringing the events vividly to life.

Geoff Crompton

Local author, Geoff Crompton, was keen to ensure his books about Moulton's fallen should remain available to the public, now that they are no longer in print. 

Northwich and District Heritage Society are happy to help Geoff to achieve this.

As you can see from the covers, funds from the sales of these books were donated to charities for ex-service personnel.  If you would like to make a donation, you may use the links below:

   Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Fund

   British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association (now Blesma)

34 Men Book

Another Dozen Book